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A colourful handwoven scarf that will keep you warm all winter.

A handwoven scarf made on a rigid heddle loom.  Woven with a handspun skein of 'rainbow' merino (100%) wool combined with two different colours of sock yarn (80% merino, 20% nylon) one a deep magenta pink and the other a luminous yellow. The rainbow handspun creates a gradual transition of colour from one end to the other.  The weave is identical on both sided.

Length - 195cm (not including tassels)

Width - 20cm

Tassel - 6cm

'Rainbow Bright' Scarf

  • Handwoven scarf (Merino & Nylon)
    Length - 195cm
    Width - 20cm
    Tassel - 6cm
    Hand wash, gentle wool wash, lay flat to dry.

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